How Young People Can Help the Poor

What can teenagers on a limited budget do to assist the impoverished and needy?


There’s a lot that can be done and often times, more than you realize.


Young people are quite often gifted with enormous talents when it comes to creativity and finding intelligent ways to assist others even with limited resources. The following are some guidelines that can help kickstart the creative process:


  1. Donate a percentage of your allowance every week to assist the poor or give to a charity in support of the homeless.

piggy bank

Even if your allowance or salary is not much, there are no restrictions on the amount you can allocate to the needy. Try saving a dollar per day buy not buying a soda from a vending machine and donating what you save each week to a community center or a homeless person in your community. A local soup kitchen or shelter can always use your help.

  1. Encourage Your Family to Pay Zakat

Many Muslims neglect Zakat and if you are eligible, you are required to pay. If you are not, ask your mother and father to, and if they agree, decide how and to whom. Respectfully emphasize the importance of Zakat as a pillar of Islam and encourage your parents to begin paying it. Utilize beautiful preaching and innate wisdom.

  1. Encourage a family Sadaqa Project

Get the entire family involved by pitching at least monthly to a great cause when you organize a family Sadaqa project. From there, decide how you all can get involved to aid the poor.

  1. Speak About Donating in A Youth Group

youth group

Brainstorm and discuss the ways to find solutions to problems are the first step in assistance. At the next youth group meeting, place the problems of the poor and homeless in your area as one of the primary ones on your agenda. An immediate plan is not necessary but beginning to discuss it keeps it fresh on everyone’s minds.

  1. Visit Poor Areas of the City

Almost every major city has a poor area and you and your youth group should plan to visit them in order to see their living conditions directly and find out how they ended up there. Prepare to have your eyes opened. You can always give your time if you can’t give a toilet.

  1. Present a School Assignment on Poverty

If you are unsure about what to present for a project at school consider the topic of poverty and the homeless. Research and know the statistics and show the true, real face of poverty. Then ask for charitable donations.

  1. Collect More than Money


Before money is even an issue, there are a lot of basics that homeless people need aside from school. Hold a clothing drive, collect food, or transport the homeless around and make a difference.

  1. Cover Poverty in a School Paper

If you have a talent for writing, consider covering poverty for the school paper. Give the student body an idea with words and photos to paint a picture of homelessness.

  1. Cover Zakat and Sadaqa in the Masjid Pamphlet

If your Masjid has a newsletter, dedicate an issue on the topic of Zakat and Sadaqa and how they assist the needy and homeless. Interviewing an Imam can assist you in getting the basics right. Also include charities where supporters can done locally.

  1. Use Facebook and Social Media

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Place the information online through social media sites to engage readers.

  1. Collect Money From Group Members

Collect donations from group members and make it a weekly thing. Designate one member as the collector and provide consultation to decide where the money goes.

  1. Youth Seminar On the Impoverished

Have a youth-friendly speaker to speak on how Islam has battled poverty before and what can be done in the present. Afterwards, have a lecture with enough participants to engage the crowd.